Warmly Celebrate Relocation of Iorange Automation!

2017-08-25 04:08:00 2679

With the expansion of ioranges’ business and increase of clients, ioranges has relocated to a new office and started to provide clients with better services and products to meet the business operation requirements. The final scheme on the new address was finally determined after discussion for dozens of times. The new offices of ioranges Automation is unfolding before our eyes in this August! 

On 25th August, 2017, ioranges Automation was officially relocated to the following address: 1/F, Bldg. 7, No. 90, Zhongliang (Fu’an) Robot Industrial Park, Dayang Road, Fuyong Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen. We are sincerely grateful to our customers and partners for their long-term support and trust. Ioranges has always been adhered to the corporate values of “concentration, sharing, cooperation and innovation” and the company tenet of “providing clients with the best user experience in this industry”, and has been committed to building itself into an intelligent manufacturing service provider which boasts an international vision and masters core technologies of automation industry. Ioranges Automation also strives to play a pioneering role in upgrading industrial automation under the national strategy plan Industry 4.0 by providing “fast, professional, superior, high-quality” services!  
The new headquarter of ioranges Automation has a total office space of more than 2000 square meters, and the dominant decorating color is orange that implies youth and vitality. The new office is of industrial style and is perfectly combined with modern fashionable elements, which is helpful for creating a healthy working atmosphere that values “sharing, interaction and communication”. This also coincides with the enterprise culture of ioranges Automation—“Be thoughtful, aspiring and passionate; be decisive and bold in thinking and action.”

The new office is spacious, bright and well-equipped, and is subdivided into public office area, meeting area and area for leisure activities and so on. The office is also equipped with advanced monitoring system, information management system and access control system, which provides the employees of ioranges Automation with a new, safe and comfortable office environment.
As the only system-wide solution provider of flexible assembly intelligent manufacturing in 3C manufacturing at present, ioranges Automation specializes in providing mobile phone EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) manufacturers and foundries with whole technological solutions. At this stage, ioranges Automation has mastered six whole technological solutions, including mobile phone industry total solution, audio industry total solution, earphone industry total solution, color TV industry total solution, industrial server industry total solution and PCBA industry total solution. The solutions not only reduced manpower by more than 80% and significantly increased product consistency, but also considerably lowered the defective percentage and rejection rate.