Ioranges Automation Emerges as a New Leading 3C Electronic Manufacturing Integrator

2018-01-19 03:01:00 2711

Recently, Mr. Shao Yongfeng, founder and president of Shenzhen ioranges Automation Co., Ltd., among 98 nominees, received the “2017 Shenzhen Robotics Annual Award for New Prominent Figure” awarded by Shenzhen Advanced Technology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This is a great honor received by ioranges Automation again after being awarded “Shenzhen Robotics Technology Innovation Award” in 2016. 1565146939799440.jpgShao Yongfeng, chairman and CEO of ioranges Automation Co., Ltd. is member of Shenzhen Youth Committee of Experts, New Prominent Figure of Shenzhen Robot Association and Elitist of Robot and Intelligent Equipment Industry in Bao’an District of Shenzhen. With rich industry expertise and strong independent thinking, Shao has played a leading role in many China’s first flexible assembly production lines as well as many national-level flexible production lines. Under his leadership, ioranges was consecutively rated as “State-level High-tech Enterprise” and “High and New Technology Enterprise of Shenzhen”, and ioranges successfully secured A round of financing of 28 million Yuan, thereby laying a solid foundation for the company’s future development. 


Pic.: Shao Yongfeng, founder and chairman of Shenzhen ioranges Automation

In 2017, three years after its founding, ioranges Automation has an order book of nearly 100 million Yuan and has become a high-profile system integrator in 3C industry.
The rapid rise of ioranges Automation is largely attributed to level of professionalism, focus and constantly meeting market demand.
First, ioranges is an automation company that has been focused on flexible assembly in 3C industry since its inception. Shao Yongfeng said, “In the field of 3C flexible assembly, by adhering to the principle of ‘in-factory investigation first, design later’, we always conduct in-depth investigation into the first-hand production processes of clients to provide customers with the highest cost-effective solution based on the lean-oriented strategy.
Second, by adhering to the design concept of standardization and modularization, ioranges Automation achieves risk avoidance and rapid deployment of the system integration project through the MD-PRO software design platform and the hardware modular design platform. At the same time, during the implementation of the project, data validation and new elements are continually offered for the two platforms, making its data information more enriched and complete and further providing guidance and reference for subsequent applications.
Third, while continuously promoting technology level, ioranges Automation has always adhered to optimization of supply chain and project management. Through three years of accumulation and optimization in the automation field, the project cost and project cycle have reached a satisfactory level in the industry.
In 2018, in addition to enriching the existing technology and management models, ioranges Automation also promoted productization based on the accumulated modular devices, and established research and development centers in Japan. Ioranges Automation also employed a group of outstanding local talents in mechatronics to design and develop core components of standard equipment, and achieved the product and SI-oriented development objective based on ioranges’ advantages in supply chain cost and delivery etc.
Ioranges Automation has decisive advantage over its rivals and has rich experience in the field of flexible manufacturing such as mobile phone, server, PCBA, earphone and audio etc. Up to now, its application cases include the assembly and testing of PCBA mainboard test line, intelligent electric meter test line, hard disk automatic assembly test line, electronic potentiometer automatic assembly line in the field of 3C electronics. 
It is precisely because of iorange’s technical professionalism that it has successfully become the global core value partner of Kuka in Germany and the sole global strategic partner of Yamaha in Japan.
In the future, ioranges Automation will continue to engage in the field of 3C electronics and do system integration supremely well.